Addition and Deletion of Drug From Hospital Formulary

Addition and Deletion of Drug From Hospital Formulary

This is one very important at the same time complicated task for the Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee for the selection of the considerations on which to base admission or deletion of drugs in the formulary. It is because no single member of this committee is qualified to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of every drug in every area of clinical specialization from the beginning itself. The committee should be free to invite staff specialists to attend particular committee meetings for evaluation of preparations commonly used in his specialized practice for inclusion in the formulary.
  The following are the criteria that can be followed for the addition or deletion of drugs: 

1. It should be established whether the local general or specialist has considered the drug to be of proven clinical value based on their experience with it. 

2. The drug must be recognized by the pharmacopeias and formularies approved under the Drug and Cosmetic Act and Rules thereunder and the National Formulary of India and their supplements and revisions.

3. The manufacturer of the drugs must be licensed under the Drug and Cosmetic Rules and should not be known to have been punished for any serious offense under any laws about drugs and medicines. He should be of proven integrity and dependability. He should have a reputation for initiating and supporting research activities of merit. 

4. No preparation of secret composition will be considered or admitted to the formulary. As a matter of fact, under the provision of the Drug and Cosmetics Act Rules, such a provision in the Drugs Act i.e. secret formula of a drug registered with the Central Drugs Laboratory, Calcutta has been deleted from the Act long ago. 

5. No product of multiple ingredients shall be admitted if the same therapeutic effect can be achieved through the use of a single drug preparation. 

After the Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee decides upon a set of principles for its guidance in their decisions regarding the additions or deletion from the hospital formulary is felt necessary that these guidelines may be included in the finished publication. Further, it would be expedient to circulate amongst the medical staff so that they may have prior knowledge about them and therefore, enquire about understanding as to why a particular product may not have been included in the final publication.

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