Objectives of Clinical Pharmacy

Objectives of Clinical Pharmacy

The clinical pharmacy program is set with the aim of providing the student pharmacist with educational experiences in a clinical setting. The program is designed to help the student to better prepare for his future role as a health professional. The objectives of clinical pharmacy are as follows: 

• The program allows the student to develop himself by using his independent judgment by following a drug therapy of selected patients and through case presentation technique. 

• It gives the student experience in small group presentations and in answering questions regarding therapy asked by his professional colleagues and physicians and/or nurses. 

• It also allows the student to observe and interact with a physician to get a better understanding of the current medical practice.

• It gives opportunity to students to work with paramedical personnel and increase their knowledge about their attitudes and contributions to patient care. 

• It helps the student to gain a patient orientation towards drug therapy so that he may fulfill better professional services to his patients. 

• It gives the student a better knowledge of the effects of drugs on diagnostic tests and various drug interactions which may occur in multiple drug therapy so that he may give a better service to his patients. 

• It gives the students an experience of drug information retrieval through drug evaluation. 

• It also gives the student an experience of the institutional environment by recognizing that most pharmacists practice in an institute. 

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