Qualities of Clinical Pharmacist

Qualities of Clinical Pharmacist

Communication skills: The clinical pharmacist should have good communication skills, to communicate with the patient and co-professionals freely and effectively.

Clinical skills: The clinical pharmacist should have a thorough knowledge of the etiology of a disease, signs, symptoms, Pathophysiology, laboratory tests,  pharmacokinetics, etc. He should be clinically trained for providing information on rational drug use, and related drug therapy, and for reviewing drug doses.

A professional relationship: He should be able to understand and appreciate the role of medical and paramedical staff wherever possible. He must accompany the physician on medical rounds to assist him by providing drug information. Physicians,  pharmacists, and nurses should develop inter-professional relationships with each other to enhance the quality of patient care.

Empathy: Clinical pharmacists should possess a deep sense of shared responsibility toward the medical care of patients. It will help him in taking his medication history and gaining the patient’s confidence.

Monitoring drug therapy: Clinical pharmacists must help in monitoring drug therapy because it is an ongoing process and keeps on changing depending upon the patient’s condition. 

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