Role of Advisory Committee In Investigational Use Of Drugs

Role of Advisory Committee In Investigational  Use Of Drugs

The Generic Drugs Advisory Committee is to advise on the safety and effectiveness of  human generic drug products for use in treating "a broad spectrum of human diseases." The  Drug Abuse Advisory Committee, with a broad charge, advises the FDA Commissioner on  "the scientific and medical evaluation of all information The Food and Drug Administration regulates more than 150,000 marketed drugs and medical devices. At any time, nearly 3,000  investigational new drugs are being developed. More dietary supplements than ever before are on the market, and Americans today have a much broader range of food choices. Then there are the scores of blood products and veterinary medicines for which the FDA is responsible. 

Institutional Review Board (Independent review). 


End point justification of clinical trial phases. 

Phase repetition.  

Data Integrity and archival. 

Other types of committees in Hospital 

1. Infection Control Committee. 

2. Central sterile supply Committee. 

3. Biodegradable waste committee. 

4. Medical Record Committee. 


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