What is throat paint in pharmaceutics?

What is throat paint in pharmaceutics

Throat Paint: Solution or dispersion of one or more active agents. 

• Throat paints are viscous liquid preparations used for mouth and throat infections. 

• Glycerin is commonly used as a base because being viscous it adheres to mucous membranes for a long period. 

• Glycerin prolongs the action of medicaments. 

• Glycerin also provides a sweet taste to preparation.

For example: Boroglycerin, Phenol glycerin throat paint. 

Storage: Throat paint should be stored in an airtight container and in a cool place. 


Not to be swallowed. 

Formula: Rx 

Potassium iodide - 2.5 gm 

Iodine - 1.25 gm 

Alcohol – 4 ml 

Water - 2.5 ml 

Peppermint oil - 0.4 ml 

Glycerin – 100 ml 

Dissolve the potassium iodide in water. Add the iodine and stir until completely dissolved. 

Dissolve peppermint oil in alcohol 90% in a small container and transfer it into an iodine solution. 

Transfer the paint into a measuring cylinder and make up the volume to q.s. 

• Paint is applied with a soft brush. 

Packing: A wide-mouth, fluted, light-resistant, screw car glass bottle is used and dispensed in an amber-colored bottle.

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