Manufacturing and Dispensing of Suspension

Manufacturing and Dispensing of Suspension

1. Suspension containing diffusible solids: 

• The drug is finely powdered with other ingredients. 

• 3/4th of the vehicle is added to make cream. 

• Addition of rest of vehicle. 

• Volume is makeup. 

• Suspension is labelled properly and corked e.g. Light kaolin, light Magnesium carbonate, Sodium bicarbonate, Peppermint water. 

Labeling: Shake well before use. 

2. Suspension containing indiffusible solids:

Prepared by using compound tragacanth and Tragacanth mucilage (mixture of tragacanth, ethanol, and chloroform water)  e.g., Aspirin, Chalk, Phenobarbitone, Zinc oxide.

Note: Formulation method of suspension using 

1. Tragacanth mucilage 

2. Compound tragacanth powder 

The procedure is the same as that of diffusible solid additional point is step one where the drug is also triturated with a suspending agent with the addition of vehicle in small quantities and then the reset procedure is the same. 

3. Suspension containing precipitate forming liquid:

Liquid preparation containing resinous matter when mixed with water shows precipitation of resin, which sticks to the walls of the container and tolu tincture. To prevent this compound tragacanth or Tragacanth mucilage is used e.g. Myrrh, Tolu, Lobelia. 

4. Suspensions containing poorly wettable solids:

Some substances like sulfur and  Hydrocortisone are both insoluble in water and poorly wettable by it.  In these types of suspension, a suitable wetting agent is added which is adsorbed at the solid-liquid interface in such a way that the affinity of particles for the surrounding medium is increased and interparticular forces are decreased.  E.g. Sulfur lotion – quilliar tincture is used as a suspending agent. 

5. Suspension produced by chemical reaction:

 e.g. MgSO4 + (NaOH)2 + Na2SO4 

For preparing milk of magnesia suspension (antacid). Precipitate is produced by chemical reaction.

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