Types of Semi Solid Dosage Form

Types of Semi Solid Dosage Form

1. Ointments: Ointments are semisolid preparations meant for external application to the skin or mucous membrane. They usually contain a medicament or medicaments dissolved, suspended, or emulsified in the base. 

2. Creams: Creams are viscous emulsions of semisolid consistency intended for application to the skin or mucous membrane and o/w type and w/o type. 

3. Pastes: Pastes are preparations that contain a large amount of finely powdered solids such as starch and zinc oxide. These are generally very thick and stiff. 

4. Jellies: These are thin transparent or translucent, non-greasy preparations. They are similar to mucilages because they are prepared by using gums but they differ from mucilages in having jelly-like consistency. 

5. Gels: These are jelly-like semisolid dispersions of drugs meant to be applied on the skin.


6. Suppositories: These are meant for insertion into the body cavities other than the mouth.  They may be inserted into the rectum, vagina, or urethra. 

7. Poultices: These are also known as cataplasms. They are soft viscous wet masses of solid substances. 

8. Plasters: These are semi-solid masses applied to the skin to enable prolonged contact of the drug with the skin. or Substances intended for external application, made of such materials and consistency as to adhere to the skin and thereby attach as dressing.

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